I write about complex medical topics in plain language

I will help your patients understand what was previously only medical jargon.

martyna piotrowska copywriter medyczny (16)


Web or blog content

If you are a professional in the health, medical or life science industries, I can design content for your website and corporate blog.

Science communication

I will help to educate your lay audience effectively in an informative, accessible and inspiring way.

UX Writing

I will design a user-friendly microcopy for your digital product, mobile app, or medical device.

Content marketing strategy

I will create a content strategy for your medical business.

Creative copywriting

I will create a name, claim, slogan, or ad script that will stay in the minds of your audience for a long time and make you stand out from the competitors.

Science journalism

I describe exciting research and science stories related to biotechnology, microbiology, and food and nutrition science.

About me

martyna piotrowska copywriter medyczny

Biotechnologist, copywriter, science popularizer, freelance science and medical writer. I write about science factually, simply and engagingly. I believe that any knowledge can be properly promoted. Let’s show your research to the world!

I studied biotechnology because I aspired to become a genetic engineer and a science journalist after hours. In 2017, I dared to look for my place in marketing. I joined the team of an interactive advertising agency. There I gained new competencies and the confidence that I would like to write content for science.

I published a popular science article that lived to be reprinted. I received three awards for scientific texts. Furthermore, I have stood on the stage of FameLab – a competition for scientists who popularize science. I was writing for brands such as Bayer, Reserved, Target. Lukasz Osowski, co-founder of Ivona, trusted me and invited to create his new project – the Vika medical app.


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years of experience in writing for medicine and science

shares on social media had my most popular piece

years spent in academia

certificates proof of my marketing skills

What do customers say about me?

The articles prepared by Martyna are comprehensive, yet written in plain and easy-to-understand language.

Adam Kuzdraliński, editor-in-chief of the portal e-Biotechnologia.pl

Light pen, professionalism, head full of ideas.

Angela Szymkowiak, Social Media Manager

Unconventionality, commitment, enthusiasm and openness to new copywriting challenges are Martyna's main attributes.

Ewelina Danielewicz, UX designer

Excellent pen (storytelling, humor, high linguistic quality of texts); flexibility - adapting the product to the target group; communicative and open - it was a pleasure to work with Martyna.

Monika Janta, UX designer

Martyna's ingenuity and ease of putting difficult problems into words made her a valuable contributor to dolinabiotechnologiczna.pl.

Monika Zazula, editor-in-chief of the portal DolinaBiotechnologiczna.pl

Six steps to your content

1. Fill out the brief

The brief includes questions
about key aspects of the project. Based on the information in the brief, I will prepare a personalized proposal for you.

2. Ready to start

After the proposal is accepted, we sign a contract, or you pay 30% of the order value based on an advance invoice.

3. Creative work

I write the first version of the ordered material
and on the agreed date, I send you the finished content by e-mail.

4. Revisions and acceptance

The price of the service includes
3 rounds of revisions. I bill additional amendments on an hourly basis.

5. Receipt

You receive the project when you accept it and pay the full price.
You can publish your new text now!

6. That's the end

I may ask you for testimonials. We can sign a contract for longer cooperation if you wish to continue.

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