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Subject: 30 percent 🔣 off for nutty Hempick flavors! The offer ends soon.

Hi, [first name]

Still searching for a vegan amino acid complete protein powder? We know it is hard. We have tried, too.

It is not true that plants do not include all essential amino acids, but the key is proportions. The tricky point is to balance the plant diet by yourself. Protein powder could be a helpful companion in that change if you are at the beginning of your vegan journey.

Instead of wasting time, we invested in our product based on high-quality plant ingredients from balanced sources. One gram of hemp, been, and fava bean protein-based vegan powder delivers more essential amino acids than whey!

Vegan powder cocktails are the perfect between-meal snacks and a potent energy booster. The good news is it goes with brownie, salt caramel, and banana shake tastes. Blend smoothly in seconds, and you are ready to go.

Check out this month’s premiere of two nutty flavors. Get our vegan protein powder for only $5.99 until May 31.

[CTA button1] Choose Pistachio [CTA button2] Choose Almond

That’s all for now. Happy epic Hempick meal time!

Martyna XxX,
your Hempick health & training consultant

PS. Feel free if you want to share your vegan experience with friends. Use hashtag #Hempiktogram.


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